Spreader Beams

Modular-system-1_webLift huge loads using a light customized modular system.

Rotair Moving Systems can provide a complete modular range of spreader beams that allow you to assemble one or many spreader beams from 1 to 24 m. length and from 7 to 400 tons capacity.

The main features and benefits:

  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with current norms.
  • Reduced size and weight, that eases and reduces transportation, storage and installation costs.
  • Easy and fast assembly, following the steps on the instructions manual. An annual regulatory inspection is required.
  • Cost effective solution that replaces a whole range of spreaders and beams.
  • It is a modular system, you just have to add or remove them in order to have a new spreader beam adjusted to your needs for any lifting work.
  • For a lifting of multiple anchorage points you can combine spreader beams vertically.
  • All models are delivered with shackles.
  • Extremely competitive and short delivery timescales.

Modular-System-2_web ox-worldwide-spreader-beam-parts

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