Air Skate Modules / Castors

airskates1Modular Air Cushions

With over 40 yrs experience in air film equipment we have teamed with European number one, Delu GmbH of Germany to deliver their latest and most innovative solutions here in the UK.

Can be used in sets of 4 , 6 or more to move heavy loads from a few tonnes to in excess of 500 tonnes. Please contact us for best size which will depend largely on floor condition, compressed air availability, application, etc.

Sizes & Capacities

Pressure *
Lift Height
Supply hose
4LTM-200-12 Bar (28 psi)2,500720122002519
4LTM-300-12 Bar (28 psi)5,000800153004519
4LTM-380-12 Bar (28 psi)7,5001,300203805025
4LTM-450-12 Bar (28 psi)10,0001,500224505025
4LTM-530-12 Bar (28 psi)15,0001,600255305525
4LTM-680-12 Bar (28 psi)30,0001,800306805525
4LTM-910-12 Bar (28 psi)44,0002,200359106038
4LTM-1220-12 Bar (28 psi)80,0002,400401,2206038
4LTM-450-24 Bar (57 psi)20,0002,600224505038
4LTM-530-24 Bar (57 psi)28,0002,800255305538
4LTM-680-24 Bar (57 psi)48,0003,640306805538
4LTM-910-24 Bar (57 psi)88,0004,20035910--
4LTM-1220-24 Bar (57 psi)160,0004,540401,2206051
4LTM-1400-24 Bar (57 psi)240,0006,300501,4006576
4LTM-2000-24 Bar (57 psi)400,00012,500602,0002525
6LTM-200-12 Bar (28 psi)3,7501,100122004525
6LTM-300-12 Bar (28 psi)7,5001,200153005025
6LTM-380-12 Bar (28 psi)11 2501,950203805038
6LTM-450-12 Bar (28 psi)15 0002,250224505038
6LTM-530-12 Bar (28 psi)22 5002,400255305538
6LTM-680-12 Bar (28 psi)45 0002,700306805538
6LTM-910-12 Bar (28 psi)66 0003,300359106038
6LTM-1220-12 Bar (28 psi)120 0003,600401,2206038
6LTM-450-24 Bar (57 psi)30 0003,900224505038
6LTM-530-24 Bar (57 psi)42 0004,200255305551
6LTM-680-24 Bar (57 psi)72 0005,450306805551
6LTM-910-24 Bar (57 psi)132 0006,300359106051
6LTM-1220-24 Bar (57 psi)240 0006,800401,2206076
6LTM-1400-24 Bar (57 psi)360 0009,500501,4006576
6LTM-2000-24 Bar (57 psi)600 00018,750602,0007076

DELU GmbH / Rotair Moving Systems Ltd
*Air pressure in the air-cushion module at maximum load
**Nominal lift at full load
***The length of the supply hose is 30m

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