Welcome to Rotair Moving Systems

Rotair Moving Systems deliver innovative solutions for moving heavy loads, including:  Airfilm Products, Mechanical Handling Products and Lifting Equipment.
All your industrial handling needs can be met with a diverse range of quality products to make lifting, turning & moving easier, safer and more efficient.
We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to prepare a quotation & supply full technical details, once your application or interest is known.

With over 40 yrs experience in air film equipment we have teamed with European number one, Delu GmbH of Germany to deliver their latest and most innovative solutions here in the UK.
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Pedestrian Powered Tuggers & Pushers from PowerAttack; Easy Mover Pushers & Rollers; Industrial Self-Propelled Trolleys from OX with range of capacities from 30 to 200 tonnes.
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Spreader beam and lifting beam solutions for the manipulation of heavy loads including boats and yachts.
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